Reviews: Satellite (The Satellite Trilogy #1)

Satellite. I was given the chance to write an honest review to this wonderful first installment of the Satellite Trilogy. The book itself may seem shallow at first but then the emotion piles up and in no time you are very engrossed and you would not be able to believe that you are already in the last page. I cannot say I fell in love with Grant Bradley. Because I know that he has Tatum Jacoby by his side and he would dare not love anyone but her. That kind of love itself is one of the reason I loved the book. The life after death experience the author, Lee Davidson, created for us becomes a part of me. How so? Now I hope that there is such thing as Progression contrary to the Purgatory we have been taught to believe in.

This book made me want to be a Satellite. Another is that it included one of my desire and objective as a part of this world. To help others. Despite the fact that the book focuses on the struggle of Grant Bradley has, which is letting go, I found myself emphasizing how important a Satellite’s job is.

Without a Satellite, those who are experiencing hell on earth, are given not many options but somehow a certain death or fix yourself up by yourself. I felt frustrated by the fact that Grant Bradley could not think of how his selfishness about wanting to see Tate had affected her, made me want to slam my laptop against the wall. Willow, Grant’s Legacy, completed this book. Without Willow’s awesomeness, I do not think Grant himself could be better than he is as a Satellite.

The friendship Grant had with Marcus, aka Rigby or Toothpick Guy should have had more emphasis rather than the love triangle between them and Clara. I think if that was added the book, it could have been more than just a science fiction. This book could be lined with Mitch Albom’s works, if so. All in all, I am happy to say that this book is worth the read. I suggest young adults who has experienced losing a loved one who hopes that they are still there, looking at us from the heavens above, should definitely read this. This book appeals to all, if only given the chance and take the light take on life after death a serious consideration.


By: sa5mwrites

 Grant Bradley was twenty-two years old when he was diagnosed with skin cancer. Leaving behind Tate, his fiancé and his parents. After death was something he couldn’t believe until he experienced it himself. He was one of the chosen to be a Satellite. He then meets his new circle of friends while he fights oblivion. He wanted to hold onto his memories which made Coding difficult. The life of a Satellite revolves around keeping their Tragedies safe from adversity. Willow, his legacy or mentor, helps Grant through training. After the first training, it has been known Grant was a prodigy of some sort. Grant had passed earlier and set a record as one of the fastest to claim their calimeter. Through destiny, he was assigned to be the Satellite of a young Tragedy, Ryder Beckmann, Willow’s son. After learning displacement, his curiosity lead him to Tate’s bedroom. After some time, the visits had an effect on Tate’s health and the distraction almost caused him Ryder’s life. Liam, a fellow Satellite who was assigned to be Tate’s guardian, notified Grant how destroying something that has any value between them can cause his loss of memory about Tate. Grant realizes, after facing the Schedulers because of the sudden death of Elliott, Tate’s sibling, that he has to make a wise decision. Succumbing to guilt, Grant focuses on Ryder’s welfare and tuned down the urge to see Tate. After finishing his assignment, Ryder, Grant was given a free pass by Jonathan to finally say goodbye to Tate. The visit, however, almost costed Tate’s life, burning numerous memorabilia’s  from their relationship, Grant lost his memories of Tate. The Schedulers had to do something so they sent a member of the Elite Seven, specifically Willow who snatched Tate’s tocket and displaced to help Tate. The story ends with Grant not remembering anything about Tate at all. He also achieved the honor of being the replacement of Willow in the Elite Seven. Hoping that Grant will show extraordinary means of being a Satellite.

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